Facebook making the life of people running their business easier.

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Facebook is introducing four new tools for businesses to advertise their work worldwide. Below mentioned are the four tools.
Dynamic language optimization: This tool has helped and made the work of the person running the business way easier. Before hand when an add was made in English language but was also for the people of Spain the person had to make two adds because of the language difference. But due to this feature the brand has to make only one add and Facebook on the basis of language set on the targeted person’s profile will change the language of the add to that one taking half of the work load off the brand.
Multicountry lookalike audiences: Facebook introduced a feature last year through which a brand can make a custom audience list and search for “lookalike” audiences from another country. But for this they had to set up a list for every country, but from now on Facebook is making it easier. It is allowing the brand to create a list of multiple look alike countries in one go.
Multicity targeting: Most of the times brands are unknown of the fact that which city they are willing to target. They are only aware of the magnitude of the cities they want to target. But now after this feature they only need to specify the range of the population of the cities they want to target and Facebook will do the rest by itself.
International audience finder: This tool is reasonable for the brands that have at least a bit of idea of their international target customers or audience. But some brands are still in search for the basic insight. Using face book’s new tool brands can find their primary country to target. Facebook will itself make a list of the countries where such kinds of advertisements have gained victory.
Before this brands could reach 2 billion people through Facebook but it was somehow hard to do it, because brands don’t have appropriate research done before setting up a business and then advertising it. We at Chrysotech help you with research so that you can have better knowledge about the market you want to target. And our sister company Goosebumps can surely help you with designing advertisements for your business making your work even more easier. Discuss your needs with our team of professionals.

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