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Content Management Evolution

May 21, 2018 Posted by Uncategorized 0 thoughts on “Content Management Evolution”

Content Management is evolving with time and now at the end of 2017 there are many new changes and additions that have taken place in the Content Management system. Here are a few things that have been added to the list. Visual Representation has become a major part; might it be a content related to anything a video or a few pictures are a must to go with your content. Then we have SEO on the list. SEO is helping people in building their business and taking it on a higher level. One good post on your website can increase traffic towards your site for years. SEO is a long term speculation you can make to enhance your business. After SEO the major thing is to keep on updating content on your site regularly. This regular posting will keep your site in the eyes of people. And lastly you should post such content that attracts people and make them want to read it and your website for information. Your website should also be up to date in order to keep it safe from hackers.
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Facebook making the life of people running their business easier.

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Facebook is introducing four new tools for businesses to advertise their work worldwide. Below mentioned are the four tools.
Dynamic language optimization: This tool has helped and made the work of the person running the business way easier. Before hand when an add was made in English language but was also for the people of Spain the person had to make two adds because of the language difference. But due to this feature the brand has to make only one add and Facebook on the basis of language set on the targeted person’s profile will change the language of the add to that one taking half of the work load off the brand.
Multicountry lookalike audiences: Facebook introduced a feature last year through which a brand can make a custom audience list and search for “lookalike” audiences from another country. But for this they had to set up a list for every country, but from now on Facebook is making it easier. It is allowing the brand to create a list of multiple look alike countries in one go.
Multicity targeting: Most of the times brands are unknown of the fact that which city they are willing to target. They are only aware of the magnitude of the cities they want to target. But now after this feature they only need to specify the range of the population of the cities they want to target and Facebook will do the rest by itself.
International audience finder: This tool is reasonable for the brands that have at least a bit of idea of their international target customers or audience. But some brands are still in search for the basic insight. Using face book’s new tool brands can find their primary country to target. Facebook will itself make a list of the countries where such kinds of advertisements have gained victory.
Before this brands could reach 2 billion people through Facebook but it was somehow hard to do it, because brands don’t have appropriate research done before setting up a business and then advertising it. We at Chrysotech help you with research so that you can have better knowledge about the market you want to target. And our sister company Goosebumps can surely help you with designing advertisements for your business making your work even more easier. Discuss your needs with our team of professionals.

5D’s of Digital Marketing

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What basically is the term Digital Marketing? It is the advancements and promotions through the electronic media. Promotion can be of any product or brand. It utilizes channels and strategies that empower an association to examine marketing campaigns and comprehend what is working and what isn’t.
Digital Marketers keep a look within that how regularly and to what extent things are viewed. To see what content works and what doesn’t work, and so on. While the Internet is, maybe, the station most intently connected with Digital Marketing.
Now let us talk about the 5D’s of Digital Marketing. They involve connecting and managing 5Ds of Digital that are defined below.
1. Devices: The first D is digital devices. Now if we take time and think that how audience reaches business then thing that strikes is that it interacts with business by means of tablets, laptops, smartphones and many other smart devices.
2. Digital platforms: Now talking about the second D we see that most of the communications on these devices are done through Applications, mostly the major ones like Facebook, Twitter and secondly through the browser.
3. . Digital media: Speaking about digital media that is the third D of digital Marketing, it means that different type of things can be done in order to reach the audience and engage them. Paid, earned and owned connectivity channels can also be reached for this purpose. Messaging, advertising, email, and social networking sites are also helpful in this regard.
4. Digital data: The second last D is for the digital data, which defines the understanding organizations gather about their spectator’s profiles and their cooperation’s with organizations, which now should be ensured by law in many nations.
5. Digital technology: In the last D we talk about the digital technology. It showcases innovation that businesses uses to make intuitive encounters from sites from mobile applications and websites.
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Way of Optimizing your website for better Search Engine Ranking

January 21, 2018 Posted by Uncategorized 0 thoughts on “Way of Optimizing your website for better Search Engine Ranking”

The suggestions given below might help you raise the ranks of your website and take it to the top of search engine results.
Firstly, we should think about the relevancy of the content. This is the most important thing needs to be kept in view. Content created for a specific topic that the user might want to read would result in increased traffic towards your website. You need to use keywords that the user might search for. The keywords must be selected intelligently because the better the keyword the better you rank in the list. Keyword is the main core element of generating traffic towards your site and increase its ranking. Every website has different pages so there should be keywords added in every page.
Keyword must be present in the following mentioned places:
• Title
• Descriptions
• Meta Descriptions
• Starting and Ending of the paragraphs
• Alternative text in images
• Urls
Secondly, you should keep on updating your content regularly to keep your website open for users. The more often the content is posted the more it is searched which ultimately results in higher ranking. Lastly you should add tags as well. Tags help in increasing the SEO score of your content. You can also use your keywords as tags. All of these things as whole help you with the ranking of your website.
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